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More prospects

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Higher conversion rate

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Less time on prospecting

Undutchables helps local organizations find and hire new international talent. They are the pioneers in recruitment of multilingual professionals, in pursuit of high growth.



Amstelveen, the Netherlands





Undutchables is a recruitment firm specialized in finding and hiring international talent. They have more than 20 years of experience in global job matching and placement from entry-level jobs to senior personnel. With Vainu, they can find all the companies that are recruiting global personnel.

Undutchables sales consist of two sales managers, primarily responsible for attracting new business, and the recruitment team who engage in business development occasionally. With Vainu, the sales managers have a lead-generation tool at their disposal providing them regularly with a fresh set of leads. The recruitment team uses Vainu when the demand for leads is exceptionally high, for example during sales campaigns.

Looking for international companies currently hiring

Instead of Googling random companies that are recruiting - which encompasses most of the companies in these times - Undutchables can narrow their search to companies that hit the sweet spot. For example, they look for keywords that indicate whether an applicant is required to have native language skills. They are also able to filter out companies that have more than one language on their website, which typically indicates that Undutchables experience in the international recruitment sphere would be an asset for the target company.

With Vainu, Undutchables monitors signals that point out a future need for recruitment services. Companies that undergo a merger/acquisition or are collecting funding are likely to hire more people in the future. By gathering this information, Undutchables is one step ahead of the competition. Using Vainu has lead to a doubling of the number of prospects and 20 % higher conversion rate. In addition to this, Undutchables spends 25 % less time on prospecting than before.

Koen Knoop

"The market always has its ups and downs - Undutchables uses Vainu to prepare for the downhill and accelerate during the uphill."

Koen Knoop

Sales & Recruitment Manager

The results and overall feelings

In the past years, Undutchables has managed to sustain good growth numbers. As far as the future is concerned, the firm is mostly looking to strengthen its market position. Today, the job market is tight and finding new business is not the challenge it used to be. Knoop: “The market always has its ups and downs. Undutchables uses Vainu to prepare for the downhill and accelerate during the uphill.”

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