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Higher Hit Rate


Less time spent prospecting

Founded in 2013, Momice is a group of event management experts. They offer an all-in-one software for successfully executing events. 



Amsterdam, Netherlands


Event Management



Momice knows a thing or two about organizing events. Their all-in-one software equips companies with registration, email, website, survey and statistics needed to make your event more successful and save time and frustration. With their growing business, they decided to add a sales development rep to the Momice team, equipped with the best possible sales tools out there.

Companies don’t always realize the complexity of events and how event software could help. That’s why Momice chose Vainu as the core tool for finding prospects. With a wide variety of filters and signals, they were able to target companies who fit their Ideal Customer Profile and are ready to buy now.

"With Vainu, we simply generate more revenue than before, which we invest in constantly developing our software", Jasper Werkman from Momice reveals and continues: "The completeness of Vainu, the LinkedIn integration, real-time insights and an overview of the digital footprint of a company helps us grow rapidly and eventually reach our goal to set the new standard for easy event software."

How Vainu solved their problem

With the help of Vainu’s dynamic database, Momice can now find more and better prospects to actively reach out to. One of the best-performing filters Momice uses for prospecting is the ‘digital footprint’ filter. Momice looks for companies who are willing to invest in things like CRM systems and marketing automation; this often means they are digitally oriented and more likely to invest in SaaS software like Momice.

"With Vainu we find companies we never knew existed, but are actually a perfect fit for our software! Vainu’s software is the foundation to our prospecting and truly helps us find those small golden needles in a big haystack."

Jasper werkman

Business Development Manager

The results and overall feelings

With the help of Vainu, Momice managed to increase their revenue by 10% within the first year. A part of that growth is because they have more time to focus on actual sales, because they don’t spend as much time on prospecting as before. To be precise, Momice reduced their prospecting time by 70% thanks to Vainu, and were able to double their hit rate.

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