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Kokemuksia.fi began its operations in 2016. The company helps consumers make better-informed purchasing decisions through real, verified customer experiences.



Jyväskylä, Finland


Market Research & Public Opinion Polling



Known for their Kokemuksia.fi brand, Suomen Asiakaskokemukset Oy (Finland's Customer Experiences LLC) helps consumers make better-informed purchasing decisions through real, verified customer experiences. The company began its operations in 2016 and has since grown rapidly without external funding and become a team of 35 people.

Before using Vainu.io, the salespeople at Kokemuksia.fi did sales prospecting manually. In practice, they searched information on company websites and other company portals, hoping to find suitable future clients. However, Kokemuksia.fi wanted to make the job of their sales team as easy as possible and ensure that every salesperson always had enough prospects when beginning the new sales week.

How Vainu solved their problem

Kokemuksia.fi decided to start capitalizing on online data in sales prospecting through the use of Vainu. The deployment was quick and Kokemuksia.fi didn't have to do anything else other than sending out the email addresses of their salespeople to Vainu and attend a short onboarding training. Thanks to Vainu, Kokemuksia.fi's Sales Director Taavi Laukkanen can now be 100% sure that all their salespeople have 100 new prospects everytime a new sales week begins.


"Vainu is by far the best sales prospecting software I've ever used. Vainu has everything we need in sales prospecting and lead generation, and with an extremely cost-efficient pricing. We received a positive ROI within the first month, and after the first nine months we had closed 350 new clients – all of them practically from Vainu. I urge everyone to try Vainu out - from the bottom of my heart - if just with one license. It is an incredibly small investment when compared to what you can achieve with it."

Taavi Laukkanen

Sales Director

The solution and results

With the help of Vainu's data-driven sales prospecting method Kokemuksia.fi closed 400 new clients during the first year of cooperation.


  • Positive ROI within the first month
  • 400 new clients during the first year of cooperation
  • 100 weekly new prospects to each salesperson 

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