100 %

Pipeline increase

109 %

Revenue growth (During first 6 months)

Knowingo offers a fun way to get your organization learning.



Breda, the Netherlands


SaaS, Gamification



Knowingo solves problems regarding organizational learning by providing gamified learning tool. The tool enables employees to learn playfully without having to spend hours in a classroom. As of today and with the help of Vainu, Knowingo is scaling fast. Very fast.

Loren Roosendaal founded Knowingo. In a previous endeavor, he noticed that no matter how experienced the employee, much of the required knowledge wouldn’t stick. At the same time, he saw that none of the current learning platforms offered a practical solution to this issue. Coming from a background in the games industry, he founded Knowingo on the premise that game technology could be used to help people learn in a fun way.

By using self-learning AI, Knowingo can find out exactly when people will forget the things they have learned, and prevent them from doing so which means Knowingo can ensure that knowledge stays top of mind, year in, year out. When it turned out that the concept had potential, the company soon pursued exponential growth targets. The first line of customers originated from the personal network, as well as from word-of-mouth marketing. However, to grow even faster, Roosendaal knew that the golden nugget would entail a significant sales pipeline.

Expanding the pipeline

Knowingo purchased Vainu to expand the sales pipeline. The ideal customer profile of Knowingo comprises companies that are willing to invest in modern technologies, with a lot of employees that are required to maintain a certain level of knowledge. With the help of Vainu they were able to select large companies, for example with over 20 million in revenues, and subsequently filter out companies in specific industries. Moreover they were able to find companies that possess specific characteristics, which make them more attractive for Knowingo; for example, because they have hired a new HR manager, or because they are digitally oriented.

Knowingo Loren

"Vainu is no doubt worth its money because it renders a world of new leads that you would not have encountered otherwise. I can definitely recommend Vainu."

Loren Roosendaal

Founder, Knowingo

International ambitions

In all the cooperation between Knowingo and Vainu has yielded excellent results as the number of prospects has doubled, and Vainu certainly has contributed to the 109% revenue growth. Moreover, it saves the sales representatives of Knowingo a lot of time.

The plans of Knowingo are most definitely ambitious. According to Roosendaal, the idea is to grow exponentially. “First we want to become the number one learning platform in the Netherlands. However, to be able to scale on the level we aspire, international expansion is inevitable.” Further expansion to for example the UK, Germany and the Nordics, but also the United States is on the agenda, and they can’t wait to help companies there solve some of their toughest learning challenges.

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