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Before Vainu, Gordion salespeople spent half of their day finding sales related information. Thanks to Vainu the process is now automated, and prospecting is four times faster and yields better quality prospects. It satisfies Gordion CEO Paavo Tähtinen as now their ambitious salespeople spend most of their time discussing with potential customers rather than mind-numbingly browsing through numerous sources of information.

Gordion and Vainu have been walking hand in hand since 2015. Until then a significant part of Gordion sales people’s day was spent in front of the computer, trying to find potential customers from various sources. It was frustrating for Gordion CEO Paavo Tähtinen as the sales people recruited for the company were mainly ambitious, well-educated young. Vainu automated their search for sales-related information and transferred focus from computer screens to helping customers. “Our university-educated employees are now enabled to capitalize their high-level economic know-how and their time spent on mind-numbing detective work is minimized.”

Let the salespeople sell!

Finnish market for Gordion’s offering is rather small, and most of the potential prospects are already known. It is why recognizing new and emerging opportunities is a matter of life and death. It’s also important to know what’s up with the more-familiar prospects. “Vainu monitors our current portfolio, but the greatest potential for growth lies on the prospects we are not yet aware of,” Tähtinen reveals. Vainu informs Gordion every time a business grows big enough to be their customer. In addition to this, Tähtinen receives a weekly report from Vainu that includes all the relevant information about their current customers.

Paavo Tähtinen Gordion

"It’s no use being the fifth provider contacting a prospect after a buying signal. Using Vainu we’re often the one initiating the conversation."

Paavo Tähtinen Gordion
Paavo Tähtinen


First come, first served

It’s always easier to initiate business-related conversation if a salesperson has done the prospecting appropriately. According to Tähtinen, Gordion salespeople use four times less time on prospecting than before Vainu and also find customers that are a better fit for their service. It has resulted in 10% increase in booked meetings and sent offers.

Timing is everything. It applies to many things, but it's especially crucial in successful selling. Sales organization needs to react instantly when a piece of information that implies prospect’s willingness to buy - a buying signal as we call it - emerges. “It’s no use being the 5th provider contacting a prospect after a buying signal. Using Vainu we’re often the one initiating the conversation.” Tähtinen says with a smile on his face.

Apart from prospecting, Vainu has helped Gordion to avoid misfortunes. One time Gordion was about to start doing business with a company when Tähtinen spotted something alarming from Vainu. The company was in financial trouble and wouldn’t have been able to pay their bills. “We dodged a bullet, thanks to Vainu,” Tähtinen concludes.