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The energy trading company GodEl purchases and sells renewable energy to both retail and business customers.



Sundbyberg, Sweden


Energy trading 



GodEl is a social energy trading company which purchases and sells renewable energy. The company cares a lot about the environment and works to make society development and sustainability go hand in hand. GodEl was founded in 2005, and today they offer energy to both retail and business customers.

The energy trading company GodEl has a relatively new B2B operation. Their goal is to grow the B2B part of their business as fast as possible, though they are cautious not to let any growth come at the cost of quality. That’s why GodEl started to collaborate with Vainu in early 2018. Already within the first month, they closed their first deal through the tool. To be able to find new potential customers faster and easier is one of the great winnings with Vainu explains Anna Quarnström, B2B Account Manager at GodEl. She estimates that Vainu has helped the company’s salespeople diminish their time spend on sales prospecting with 75%. 

more relevant and timely
in their sales outreach

GodEl is not like any other energy trading company. The company offers 100% sustainable energy, and their ideal customer is a company with an existing or aspiring environment policy in need of a new energy contract. Vainu's 100+ filters help GodEl find companies that match that description. The tool allows them to, for example, search for companies that mention CSR/social responsibility om their website and notifies them about important buying signals, such as that a company is about to recruit a new sustainability manager or expand its business.

”Vainu provides us with better insights about the market. The tool also helps us find the right companies to reach out to faster and easier than if we were to search the web for new prospects manually,” says Anna Quarnström.

Clear evidence for this is that GodEl acquired their first customer through Vainu already within the first month of using the prospecting tool. In the first two months, the company has got in total four new deals thanks to Vainu.

“Timing is everything in sales. Vainu helps us reach out with a tailored offer just as a company is about to renew its energy contract,” says Fredrik Nyström, B2B and Partner Manager.

"Timing is everything in sales. Vainu helps us reach out with a tailored offer just as a company is about to renew their energy contract. The tool has helped us diminish the time we spend on sales prospecting with 75%.” 

Peter Nyström at GodEl
Peter Nyström

B2B and Partner Manager

Scalable opportunities with Vainu

GodEl has high ambitions for their business sales and see great potential in growing together with Vainu. Fredrik Nyström accentuates two main reasons for why GodEl started to use Vainu in March this year:

“One great advantage for us is that we can add new users without having to invest in new complicated infrastructure,” he says.

The other main reason for why GodEl invested in Vainu is the tool’s seamless integration with their CRM system of choice, Pipedrive CRM. The integration allows GodEl to track changes within their existing customers’ and prospect’s organization and move leads from Vainu to their CRM system with just a click.

“We’re very happy with Vainu,” says Anna Quarnström and continues:

“I appreciate that we always get a quick response when we have questions about the tool or suggestions for how it can be improved. That’s very important for us at GodEl.”

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