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Sakari Pehkonen

Sakari Pehkonen

Financial Director

"Vainu brings us entirely new ways to take care of our customers' needs. We've increased the percentage of customers we can help during our first call with them from 75% to 90% since we started to use Vainu. The tool has helped us save over 1,500,000 euros in one year, and we're just getting started." Learn more >>

Jukka Pulkkinen at Academic Work

Jukka Pulkkinen

Head of Sales
Academic Work

All our sales prospecting in Finland, Sweden and Norway, is done through Vainu and our employees are nuts about it! Thanks to Vainu we’ve increased our call to meeting hit rate with 50% and the percentage of meetings that lead to a closed deal has gone up by 36%. Learn more >>

Fredrik Nyström

Fredrik Nyström

B2B and Partner Manager

"Timing is everything in sales. Vainu helps us reach out with a tailored offer just as a company is about to renew their energy contract. The tool has helped us diminish the time we spend on sales prospecting with 75%." Learn more >>